Our Approach

Our Approach...

Robert and Katie have developed a centre which offers a high standard of care in a professional, clean and modern setting while managing to keep a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The chiropractors have a patient-centered philosophy, meaning that each patient is treated as an individual and will be encouraged to take an active role in their care. All of our treatment and management strategies will be focused on what you, as our patient are looking for; whether simple pain relief or achieving full spinal health and function for years to come.

Our chiropractors recommend taking a functional approach rather than a solely symptomatic approach when it comes to dealing with a patient's condition. This means they are interested in how joints are moving, how strong muscles are and how well nerves are working as well as evaluating any relevant lifestyle factors. By working in this way our chiropractors have achieved better results and patients respond faster and for longer. 
Robert and Katie help guide patients and keep them on track to creating a healthy, mobile, strong and pain-free body. Whether its waking up with acute back pain, recurrent headaches, chronic neck and shoulder tension, stiffness from arthritic hips or many other conditions, our chiropractors can help get people on the mend and set them on the right path.
"Remember, pain always happens after the problem has already started,  maybe for a few seconds after or maybe many years after. Similarly, a problem is often still remain to some degree once the pain has gone"
Our chiropractors pride themselves on ensuring every patient fully understands their condition and recommended course of action. There is plenty of opportunity to ask as many questions as patients would like to put them at ease.

At the centre we understand how important it is to be able to provide appointments quickly, especially for those patients in acute pain. We are generally able to offer appointments for both new patients and existing patients within 48 hours and in some cases on the same day. 
Centre's Vision

"Our vision is to create a professional yet friendly family orientated chiropractic centre. One in which the whole community can benefit by improving physical and mental health and well-being. 

A centre that provides high quality evidence based treatment, support and recommendations. 

A centre that will help develop and integrate modern day chiropractic care further into that of today’s modern medicine and healthy lifestyles"

Further Information

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