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We assess and address underlying reasons why joints, muscles and nerves typically stop working properly or become injured.

A Little About Us...

Get Aligned, Get Moving, Get Strong and Enjoy Life...

We specialise in providing chiropractic treatment and spinal healthcare advice in Melksham, Wiltshire. 

There are multiple causes, presentations and sources of pain when it comes to the spine. Our general process involves identifying the source(s) of pain, then providing treatment options and self-help recommendations to either fix or manage the problem, then to discuss and modify lifestyle factors that are often the root cause.

Some fundamental principles to a healthy spine are for each joint to be aligned, mobile and strong. There is a bit more to it than that, which you will come to know throughout your time with us.

We see people of all ages with all sorts of different problems; acute, chronic, simple and complex, whether they have been caused by accidents, poor posture, work related, sports, hobbies or just life in general, there is virtually always something that can be done to help. 

We address problems with necks, backs, headaches, shoulders, arms, hips, knees, legs, jaws and almost every other joint in the body you can think of, as well as the muscles and nerves that go with them. 

The primary aims are to get all the joints aligned, moving fully in all ranges of motion, create sufficient strength in the deep spinal muscles, establish proper movement patterns and educate patients on the lifestyle factors that will lead to poor function and then ultimately pain, injury and damage, such as exercises, posture, nutrition and stress.
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Award Winning Practice

Our two Chiropractors have over 22 years of combined experience in private practice. Our centre has also been awarded with and maintained two national clinical excellence awards since 2013.

Quality Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on providing the highest standards when it comes to our facilities and ensuring all our patients are well informed and receive the latest evidence based treatments.

Patient Education

Learn how your body works, how and why problems and injuries occur and what it is that you are required to do in order to achieve less pain, more mobility and better spinal health.

Create a Spine that lasts a lifetime...

Educating patients in the basic and advanced aspects of how to create the ultimate back that will keep you going all day, everyday!

Get Aligned

Optimal ALIGNMENT of all spinal joints plays a major role, both mechanically & neurologically in a healthy spine.

Get Moving

Optimal MOVEMENT of all spinal joints also plays a major role, both mechanically & neurologically in a healthy spine.

Get Strong

Building STRENGTH in all the key spinal muscles in all ranges of movement is a must for a robust, reliable and healthy back.

Enjoy Life

With an Aligned, Mobile and Strong spine, you will be more free to ENJOY life and do all the things you love to do with less restriction and worry.

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